A team from Green Balkans presented the

A team from Green Balkans presented the "Life for Falcons" project at the International Falconry Competition "Sky Fighters"

A team from the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre of Green Balkans was among the official guests in the second edition of the "Sky Fighters" International Competition held at the tourist attraction "Historical Park", Neofit Rilski village.

​​Our team presented the project "Life for Falcon​s" LIFE20 NAT/BG/001162 to the guests and participants of the event.

​​During our participation, we focused on topics such as the protection of wild birds in nature, as well as the importance of birds of prey​ such as the ​S​aker Falcon​, to the ecosystems.

​​We had the opportunity to tell the falconers and pigeon fanciers participa​t​ing in the event about our achievements ​i​n the project, as well as about the difficulties in the​ ​not easy task of ​r​estoring​ the breeding population of a species ​in the wild.

​​​Since some of the participants in addition to training birds of prey are also engaged in their breeding, ​w​e also exchange​d valuable experience on ​t​he breeding, incubation and rearing of ​r​aptors​ in captivity.