A poisoned Buzzard was found on a playground in the center of Stara Zagora.

A poisoned Buzzard was found on a playground in the center of Stara Zagora.

Apart from the dead bird of prey, the team from Green Balkans were very disturbed to find the body and feathers of a dove scattered around. Further examination found that some of them were thoroughly coated with a pink substance and in the beak of the bird evidence of heavy bleeding.

Parts of the body and feathers have been removed and sent for toxicological analysis.

We have suspicions that this is a decoy pigeon poisoned in advance. This unfortunately is a practice of a group of people calling themselves "breeders" to fight raptors and hunting birds. According to our information, sometimes even poisoned live pigeons are placed as bait for birds of prey. The most frequently used is the so-called Lana - drug whose active substance is a carbamate pesticide banned in agriculture in 2008. This is a very strong poison, which in this case could easily be encountered in the park by a playing child.

It is difficult to understand how it is possible for those who supposedly love animals, to cause death in this cruel way.
On the other hand, it makes no sense killing one bird of prey, as this will not solve your problems with birds of prey in general. Since an empty hunting territory will just be conquered by another bird of prey.

Also in this case there is a total lack of common sense with a clear disregard for the safety of the children playing in the park.

Anyway, we are still waiting for the results of the toxicology tests to gather all the necessary evidence with which to approach the authorities.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated case for the Rescue Center. Last year, again in Stara Zagora a Peregrine Falcon died, and a little earlier in the "Central Balkan" National Park two people complained after finding a live bird bound with sisal and coated with Lana pigeon.

The name of the Buzzard in Bulgarian translates as “Mouse Hunter” and as the name suggests it eats rodents, and small birds, so the killing of this bird will not solve the problems of the so-called “breeders”.

Christina Klisurova - Veterinarian
PR rescue center for wild animals
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