A number of poisoned birds were found in the surroundings of the town of Radnevo

A number of poisoned birds were found in the surroundings of the town of Radnevo


Most probably this year the reason for the poisoning of the birds is the same and namely the usage of pesticides containing carbofuran. Unfortunately a great part of the pesticides that contain this chemical are allowed for usage in Bulgaria. Carbofuran is lethal for the birds and many other animals which die in terrible agony once they have swallowed it.

The usage of such pesticides can cause extremely negative impact over the populations of different wild species. At the current signals was inspected only small part of the agricultural land in the region. What is the real situation on a regional and national level is hard to say but as it is known that the usage of such pesticides is quite popular in the country, the scale of the devastation of wild population can be guessed.

After the inspection an official protocol was formed and samples of the dead animals were send for examination to a toxicological laboratory in Stara Zagora. Official results about the reason for the death of the animals are expected.

Green Balkans and he National Hunting and Fishing Society will use all possible legal means to stop this terrible practice for poisoning of thousands of wild animals. Although most of the pesticides are allowed for usage at the presence of clear evidence for their negative impact over the environment the responsible institutions should reconsider the regimes for usage of the different agricultural pesticides.

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Ivailo Klisurov, Green Balkans – Stara Zagora: tel.:  +359 42622401, +359 886570052
Georgi Dulev – regional coordinator for the town of Radnevo: tel.:+359 0884004665