A number of White-fronted Geese and Mallards confiscated from poachers

A number of White-fronted Geese and Mallards confiscated from poachers


The action was carried out thanks to a signal, sent by our colleagues Petar Shurulinkov (Balkani WS), Gergina Daskalova and Maria Ruseva (BSPB), who witnessed poaching with live lures during the traditional mid-winter waterfowl census. They signaled the Sliven State Forestry Department and later, with the cooperation of the Sliven Police Department, the poachers got statements drawn up for violating the Hunting Act. Over 30 live animals were confiscated during the action. Unfortunately, pouring out numerous threats, the poachers had managed to organize their colleagues, also poachers, to collect and hide the more valuable White-fronted Geese lures.

After careful examination the birds were accommodated at the Wildlife Rescue Centre at Green Balkans. All their primaries have been trimmed and the two geese also have old wing and body injuries. One of them is even missing a wing. They are most probably victims of past poaching activities.

Using live lures for hunting is banned by the Hunting and Game Protection Act, especially considering the fact that in most of the cases, poached wild animals raised by the poachers are used as lures. The lures, tied up in the water, attract the flying flocks with the noises they make. The flocks navigate using these sounds, land at the lures and thus become easy prey for the hidden poachers.

We are very grateful for the quick reaction and cooperation of all participants in the action – our colleagues from the Balkani SP, BSPB, and the Sliven Forestry Department. Unfortunately, there are very few people and the responsible state institutions who act with such enthusiasm and professionalism against the arrogance of poachers in Bulgaria.

For information on the poaching case contact:
Ivailo Klisurov, phone: +359 886 570 052

For information on the status of the birds, contact:
Liubomila Krivoshieva, phone: + 359 885 228 486

For information on the confiscation contact:
Petar Shurulinkov, phone: +359 885455536