A new Griffon Vulture arrived from Zoo Zlin, The Czech Republic

A new Griffon Vulture arrived from Zoo Zlin, The Czech Republic


For a first time the team of the "Vultures Return in Bulgaria" Project welcomes a bird at the Cargo Department of the Sofia Airport. Despite the late hour (midnight) and our lack of experience, the employees of the Cargo company serving the Czech Airlines and the Bulgarian Customer Officers managed to sort out the documents and send us off for only an hour.

The bird is granted by our colleagues and friends from Zlin to join the programme for restoring Griffon Vultures as nesting species in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria. As opposed to its captive parents, this vulture will be held only during quarantine and will then be transported to one of the four adaptation aviaries in Vrachanski, Central Balkan, Sinite kamani or Kotel. Maybe as soon as this spring, the bird will then be released with the hope it joins the 26 already freed Griffon Vultures in October 2010.

001 is not the first bird we receive from the Czech Republic. Before her our colleagues sent us another captive bred Griffon Vulture we tagged K06 and already released from the adaptation aviary of Sinite kamani. At present K06 is the only free flier from the seven birds released in October, which is permanently staying in the area and feeding on the supplementary feeding site. Tree of the rest of the vultures, including Liubka (K01), taken down from the roofs of Sliven and Bulgarka (K03), kidnapped at Montana, are also in Sinite kamani, but closed back in the aviary. A fourth vulture from their batch – K06 is presently in the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Istanbul, after being shot at Edirne, Turkey. We are also expecting to get K06 back.

Despite their numerous adventures, the vultures are well and the reintroduction programme will continue as planned.

The team of the “Vultures Return in Bulgaria” LIFE08 NAT/BG/278 Project would like to express our deepest gratitude to our colleagues from Zoo Zlin for their trust, collaboration and support!
We are looking forward to welcoming 001!

For further information contact:
Elena Kmetova – Project Manager,, +359 885 219557