A New Home for the White Storks

A New Home for the White Storks


The birds have permanent injuries and they could not be set free in the wild nature. The conditions, which the park in the town of Dobrich has to offer, seem suitable for breeding and reproducing of the storks. These birds are not the first that have been transferred from the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre to the centre in Dobrich. A while ago, one Eagle-owl and one Grey Heron were sheltered there, which were also patience with permanent injuries of the Green Balkans.
The transfer of patience with permanent injuries from the Centre to zoos is a practice of many years. The aim is to find a suitable home for the animals, which have got into troubles, and by filling up the collections of the zoo parks to prevent the violation of wild animals.
We hope that our birds will get used quickly to the new conditions of life and in spring they will please us with offspring of healthy storks.

Hristina Klisurova

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