18th Festival of Herbs, Mountains and Tourism - Balkanets Village, Troyan

18th Festival of Herbs, Mountains and Tourism - Balkanets Village, Troyan

On June 24, on the eve of Enyovden, we were invited and attended the 18th Festival of Herbs, Mountains, and Tourism in the area of Aidushko Sborishte, above the village of Balkanets, Trojan. The festival was organized by Daniel Sirakov - Guest House and Riding Base 'Alfa-Daniel.'

Free herbal tea was provided to all guests, made on-site with herbs from the meadow. The hosts of the event were Veselka Marinova (multiple winner of the television reality show 'The Farm') and Vladimir Ivanov (well-known artist and presenter). The program featured the Brass Band 'Zaedno,' the duo Lidia and Biser, Allis Mollova, Desi Dobreva, Daniela Atanasova, and others.

Information booths were set up by the team of Green Balkans and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, as well as the Natural Science Museum in Cherni Osum. At our booth, visitors could learn valuable information and acquire informational leaflets, flyers, posters, and stickers, as well as children's books, all featuring protected species that we work to conserve and reintroduce. Everyone had the opportunity to take photos and learn interesting facts about the most fascinating members of our team - the birds from the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center –the Common Buzzard, Misho, thе Common Kestrel, Vlado, and the Little Owl, Blaga. Our team members, working on the 'Life for Falcons’ project, happily explained to visitors how to identify the falcons in the wild, what they feed on, and why it is important to conserve and have them in Bulgarian nature.

For our youngest visitors, we arranged an educational puzzle from which they learned facts about the life and biology of the Griffon Vulture.

We sincerely thank Mr. Sirakov for the invitation and hospitality!

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